Klaus Burton


March, 2012

At long last

Had my first week back at training last week and it was amazing! I had really missed it. Monday We practiced sweeps to warm up then near and far-side head-arm chokes plus a variation where you bend their arm if they’re defending the choke. So if you have the position for a head-arm choke from […]


Good news, I got engaged over the weekend so really stoked about that! Been with her for over 6 years now so it was about time heh. Plus we have both recovered from whatever that illness was so I’ll be back to training this week and back to telling you guys all about how much […]

Lesnar takes his strawberries very seriously

Mark Coleman after fighting Fedor

Cracked me up


Well after about a month of being healthy while my girlfriend was sick, I finally got what she had. I’m getting better now and can hopefully resume my life next week. I feel like I could get back to training now since the symptoms have gone down to those of a normal cold but I […]