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Kathmandu Retreat 60 tent review

Kathmandu Retreat 60 tent

I’ve been using the Kathmandu Retreat 60 tent for a while now and I noticed there’s not a lot out there about it so I thought I’d write down my experience with it.


  • Lots of space – with 2 people there’s good room for gear inside, or keep gear in the semi-covered front part to fit 3 people snugly.
  • Well-insulated – bodyheat is usually enough to keep it pretty warm inside.
  • Sturdy – I’ve had it in 120+km winds and as long as the support lines are up, it holds up well.


  • Heavy – carrying an extra almost 8KGs on long hikes is noticeable
  • Big – it barely fits in my pack and doesn’t leave room for much else, meaning I usually have a bunch of stuff hanging off the side and back of the pack which affects balance for things like river crossings

I really recommend this tent for drive-up camping or for short hikes, but if you’re looking for something more all-purpose I recommend looking for something that packs down smaller and weighs less.