Klaus Burton


Blue belt

Last night (15th) I got promoted to blue belt by my BJJ instructor Geoff Grant, I’m really happy about it!
It has been a hard year for me, I lost my fiance and my home, two of my best friends moved away and some other stuff, and now this great thing happened.
The belt really represents a lot to me, and not only is the belt amazing but the congratulations have been overwhelming. After getting the belt I got heaps of congratulations from the people in the club, and then on Facebook the pic has 99 likes and 22 comments as I write this. Incredible.

At my club, GSW, promotions are really special because they are surprises. I had no idea it was going to happen, I had sat down on the mat and was tying my white belt around my waist when Geoff walked over to me and said something like “hey you might as well put this belt on instead” and handed me the blue belt with a grin. Then the grin transferred to me and it hasn’t left my face since then 🙂