Klaus Burton


June, 2013

John Will seminar technical notes

Last night at GSW we had a seminar from the legendary John Will. He covered lots of chokes and tips from a low knee-ride position. It was really great and I think I absorbed a lot of stuff and will try to use all of it. I’m gonna write down some of the things he […]

Grappling comp

Last Saturday I went to a grappling competition in Palmerston North to support my teammates who were competing. We had a great turnout and it was really inspiring for me. I had originally planned to compete but with the staph infection and flu in the month before the event, I had only had 2 training […]

New phase

In my teenage years I was around 65KG and very fit and strong with almost no fat, then a few years ago I was 105KG with a lot of fat and had lost a lot of strength and had almost no fitness, now I’m 90KG with mostly muscle and have regained some strength and the […]


I got a staph infection on my chest and back last month and that had me out for a couple of weeks, then the flu straight after that. I’m back to full health and training now though. Last night at jiu jitsu we covered some passes and sweeps, focusing on weight placement and underhook control. […]