Klaus Burton


New phase

In my teenage years I was around 65KG and very fit and strong with almost no fat, then a few years ago I was 105KG with a lot of fat and had lost a lot of strength and had almost no fitness, now I’m 90KG with mostly muscle and have regained some strength and the fitness is getting better. So now I’m satisfied that my fat-loss phase is more-or-less complete.
What this means for me is it’s time to change my diet, so last week I had a look at everything I eat, added it all up and saw where I need to take it to start my next phase which is building more muscle.
I added up my daily protein intake and it was around 70g per day. For a 90KG guy trying to bulk it seems to be recommended to get at least 125g protein per day.
So I’ve started having protein shakes, which works out great for me because I was already having smoothies every night (banana, berries and oat milk).
Other than that I already eat quinoa and beans most nights, with quinoa being one of the rare sources of complete protein, and beans a good source too. Almond butter also has a high protein percentage.
With these changes I’m at around 120-130g of protein per day and I’m happy to have finally made it to this phase.