Klaus Burton



Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of sweeps and escapes in jiu jitsu. It’s taught me one thing: I really suck at them!
Some things come more naturally than others in BJJ and for me getting out of side-control is really difficult.

One tip I got which I intend to try to do is to try to always be on my side, to never be flat on my back because that allows the opponent to apply more pressure and cut off the space I can use. So if I can focus on that for a little bit hopefully I’ll get better.

Other than that we learned some cool submissions I had never seen before, which are basically doing arm submissions like armbars and kimuras but with your legs from side-control. Not sure what they’re called but they seem like they could be effective if I get good at controlling side-control.

Anyone got any handy tips to get better at reversals?