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Technical tips

John Will seminar technical notes

Last night at GSW we had a seminar from the legendary John Will. He covered lots of chokes and tips from a low knee-ride position. It was really great and I think I absorbed a lot of stuff and will try to use all of it. I’m gonna write down some of the things he […]

Back to enjoyment

I’ve been back at jiu jitsu training lately and I’m really loving it. I’ve had one “episode” last Saturday so that shows the problem hasn’t been fully fixed but it has been pushed back and I can work with that now. So hopefully I won’t have to talk about that anymore! I’ve been doing training […]


Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of sweeps and escapes in jiu jitsu. It’s taught me one thing: I really suck at them! Some things come more naturally than others in BJJ and for me getting out of side-control is really difficult. One tip I got which I intend to try […]

Technical tips – Baseball bat choke

In jiu jitsu class yesterday we drilled this choke with gi but it can also be done without gi. In these technical tips posts I’m not explaining the move, just writing down the little details that I found helpful in getting it. If you don’t know what the choke looks like, check out this video: […]

Technical tips – Single leg takedown

I’ve started writing down the things I learn onto my computer and thought I might as well put them up here, too. Please note that this is coming straight from my trainers, so while I’m still a noob and can’t do most of this stuff very well, this is what the pros have told me. […]