Klaus Burton


Back to enjoyment

I’ve been back at jiu jitsu training lately and I’m really loving it. I’ve had one “episode” last Saturday so that shows the problem hasn’t been fully fixed but it has been pushed back and I can work with that now.
So hopefully I won’t have to talk about that anymore!
I’ve been doing training some weeknights with friends, and tramping in the weekends, so my fitness is on the right track to getting where I want it to be.
In jiu jitsu I’ve been working on my sweeps a lot, and on submissions from failed sweeps, like kimuras and triangles from failed hip-bump sweeps.
I’m also still trying to focus on not laying on my back when I’m on the bottom. I’m trying to be posted on one hand/forearm/elbow at all times. It’s still hard for me to do but I’m getting better at it.