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The journey of an MMA noob


Over the last few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of sweeps and escapes in jiu jitsu. It’s taught me one thing: I really suck at them! Some things come more naturally than others in BJJ and for me getting out of side-control is really difficult. One tip I got which I intend to try […]

At long last

Had my first week back at training last week and it was amazing! I had really missed it. Monday We practiced sweeps to warm up then near and far-side head-arm chokes plus a variation where you bend their arm if they’re defending the choke. So if you have the position for a head-arm choke from […]

The journey of an MMA noob, week five

This was the first week back after the Christmas holidays and I thought it would be hard to get back into it since I didn’t do much exercise during the break, but to my surprise my cardio has actually improved. I guess it’s the momentum created before the holiday still paying off. My lungs held […]

The journey of an MMA noob, week four

This week we had BJJ on Monday and Wednesday as always, then we had wrestling on Tuesday and no-gi BJJ on Thursday. Tuesday Wrestling on a Tuesday, brutal! I paired up with a really nice guy called George who has been training for a while, I always like training with the more experienced guys. He’s […]

The journey of an MMA noob, week two

This week was my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson (in the last 2 years) and my first wrestling lesson, as well as another muay thai (striking) class. Day one aftermath In the previous post I mentioned my finger got kicked, well it swelled up a lot and I could hardly move it. I waited a […]

The journey of an MMA noob, day one

This post is the first in a series I’ll be writing called The Journey of an MMA noob. I thought it could be fun to write about some of the experiences I’ve had while training MMA while these memories are so fresh in my mind. I’m writing this as a stream-of-consciousness; I want the reader […]