Klaus Burton


The journey of an MMA noob, week five

This was the first week back after the Christmas holidays and I thought it would be hard to get back into it since I didn’t do much exercise during the break, but to my surprise my cardio has actually improved. I guess it’s the momentum created before the holiday still paying off.
My lungs held up all week with no need to take breaks in the 2-hour sessions (other than the normal ones).

On Tuesday we did wrestling which was a great workout as always, especially for my legs which were about ready to give out any minute.

On Wednesday we learned the very cool baseball bat choke, which I posted tips on the other day, and then on Thursday I successfully used it so I was very stoked. My technique was pretty bad but it worked so that’s a good start.

On Thursday we did no-gi jiu jitsu and as always I ended up with sore knees from rubbing on the mat, I’m looking forward to when they harden so I’m pushing it to make that happen.
The knees had no marks on them that night but when I woke up the next day scabs had appeared so that’s good it wasn’t all in my mind 😉

I should quickly mention that the 2 injuries I’ve mentioned in past posts (left AC and left middle finger) are doing better but not 100%.
My shoulder is almost back to normal now after over a month, but the finger is still stiff and painful. It is getting better but it’s happening more slowly. I hope it will be better soon!