Klaus Burton


Lose weight without changing eating or exercise

Like the title says, this tip is an easy way to lose weight and become healthier with no changes to the type of food you eat or your exercise:

The tip

Next time you’re at the supermarket and you take an item off the shelf, look at similar brands for the same item. Compare the nutritional information on the items and get one that has less sugar (top priority) and/or saturated fat (second priority). Unsaturated fats are fine.
That’s it. No need to change what you’re eating or anything like that.


Keep in mind that it’s normal to have developed a taste for a certain brand over time, but give the new brand a real good try and even if it doesn’t taste good at first you will probably come to like it after a few tries, as your mind learns to become accustomed to that taste instead of the old one.

When comparing nutritional information, make sure you are comparing the same quantities. In New Zealand there are two columns; the “per serving” column and the “per 100g” column.
Ignore the “per serving” column because this is an easy way for companies to trick you. All they have to do is increase the number of servings they say are in each item and it will make the numbers in that column go down. So make sure you always look at the “per 100g” column, or your country’s equivalent.

Also keep in mind that another trick some companies do is to use High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in place of some of the sugar. HFCS metabolises in your liver to be exactly the same as sugar, so don’t be fooled!
Unfortunately in some countries this trick can get around the nutritional information label to make it seem like there is less sugar than there is, but they still have to include it in the list of ingredients, so try to avoid items that list HFCS in the ingredients list.


An example of this is tomato sauce (ketchup). The sugar content in tomato sauce varies greatly from brand to brand, and even within the same brand.
I recently compared the sugar content in the different types of Wattie’s tomato sauce (a main brand over here) and found that the “Homestyle” kind has about 10g less sugar per 100g than the default kind. That’s a huge benefit for almost no effort.
You can do this with bread, milk, canned goods, potato chips, drinks, anything at all.