Klaus Burton


Back into it for one day…

I got back from my holiday, which was lots of fun, and did the first class I could.
Well I ran into a problem I’ve had for years which is basically that when I exercise I often faint and/or throw up. It’s not so uncommon if you really push yourself but for me it can happen just from a warmup when my body isn’t tired, before I am breathing heavy or anything.
It happened twice on Monday’s session which really sucks, both for me and my training partner who has to either wait 5 mins each time for me to go to the bathroom, or find another training partner for the class.
It’s also really embarrassing for me, I try to push through it as much as I can but if I’m gonna pass out and/or throw up it is less embarrassing to do that in the bathroom than in front of a bunch of people.

I used to think it was just because of being unfit but after working hard on my fitness for the last 2 years it doesn’t seem likely anymore.
A few months ago my doctor started me on some pills to try to help but they didn’t work, and I went in on Tuesday of this week and they did an ECG (heart x-ray) which showed a heart arrhythmia, so next week I’m off to see a cardiologist so he can find the cause of the arrhythmia and hopefully fix it.
In the meantime I’ve been recommended to not do activities that would cause it to happen again.

I can’t even describe how frustrating it is to have all this desire to get better at a sport and to be making all the right choices but to be blocked by something out of my control.
I hope they can fix it.