Klaus Burton


January, 2012

A year without shampoo

Introduction It’s been roughly a year since I stopped using shampoo/conditioner. The main reason I tried it was because I had read that most dandruff is caused by shampoo, and I’ve had dandruff for as long as I can remember so I thought I’d give it a try. My dandruff has never been better and […]

Wolverine learned heel-hooks

Nice resemblance

Lose weight without changing eating or exercise

Like the title says, this tip is an easy way to lose weight and become healthier with no changes to the type of food you eat or your exercise: The tip Next time you’re at the supermarket and you take an item off the shelf, look at similar brands for the same item. Compare the […]

The journey of an MMA noob, week five

This was the first week back after the Christmas holidays and I thought it would be hard to get back into it since I didn’t do much exercise during the break, but to my surprise my cardio has actually improved. I guess it’s the momentum created before the holiday still paying off. My lungs held […]

Technical tips – Baseball bat choke

In jiu jitsu class yesterday we drilled this choke with gi but it can also be done without gi. In these technical tips posts I’m not explaining the move, just writing down the little details that I found helpful in getting it. If you don’t know what the choke looks like, check out this video: […]

Technical tips – Single leg takedown

I’ve started writing down the things I learn onto my computer and thought I might as well put them up here, too. Please note that this is coming straight from my trainers, so while I’m still a noob and can’t do most of this stuff very well, this is what the pros have told me. […]

New year’s eve workout

Well yesterday the Lockdown guys got together and did a workout in really shit weather which was fun. The photo was taken after the workout and of course I blinked when it was taken – that’s me on the left – but oh well it’s a cool photo anyway. I found it really hard but […]

The journey of an MMA noob, week four

This week we had BJJ on Monday and Wednesday as always, then we had wrestling on Tuesday and no-gi BJJ on Thursday. Tuesday Wrestling on a Tuesday, brutal! I paired up with a really nice guy called George who has been training for a while, I always like training with the more experienced guys. He’s […]