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I saw the cardiologist and he did some tests which included reproducing the symptoms and it allowed them to see what the problem was, or at least what a deeper symptom was. When most people exercise, their heartrate goes up and their blood pressure does too. When I exercise, the same thing happens but then […]

Back into it for one day…

I got back from my holiday, which was lots of fun, and did the first class I could. Well I ran into a problem I’ve had for years which is basically that when I exercise I often faint and/or throw up. It’s not so uncommon if you really push yourself but for me it can […]


I’m off to the USA tomorrow for a month. Going to Vermont for 2 weeks then Nebraska for 2 weeks. See you guys when I get back 🙂

Back at it

I’ve spent the last few weeks on a forced break from training because of a knee injury but I went in last night and it seems good. Last night we did a bunch of gi chokes which seemed pretty effective, must have looked pretty funny afterwards when we all walked out with swollen red necks! […]


Good news, I got engaged over the weekend so really stoked about that! Been with her for over 6 years now so it was about time heh. Plus we have both recovered from whatever that illness was so I’ll be back to training this week and back to telling you guys all about how much […]

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