Klaus Burton


Fallon Fox

There’s big controversy about whether to let Fallon Fox, a post-op transgender woman, fight in MMA competitions as a woman. Opponents of this usually cite musculature and bone-density as reasons to make her compete as a man. At first that seems like a good point, it’s unfair to let people fight when one of them has stronger muscles and bones than the other.

But then have a think about how it is right now for men; there are massive physical differences between fighters in the same weight-division. Look at fights like Fedor (barely 6ft) vs Semmy Schilt who is almost 7ft and 25kg heavier (which Fedor won), or Minowaman vs any of the giants he has beaten.

So in order for the opponents to actually commit to that point, they would have to suggest that we also split up the male weight divisions based on bone-density and muscle strength.

“Aaaaand new Heavyweight, Weak-bone, Medium-muscle-strength champion of the world…” doesn’t have the same ring to it.