Klaus Burton


Some personal breakthroughs

I’ve been training regularly lately, finally having a long injury-free period so I’m making full use of it!
I’m doing 7am classes as well as the ones starting at 6:30pm.
I’ve got my friend Duncan Stuart coming along to the night classes too which is really fun and he seems to be a natural with some aspects already.
It’s a personal breakthrough to me to be able to do 3+ hours of training in one day, proof that my hard work with strengthening my body is paying off.
The other thing I’m noticing is I’m able to be more aggressive in terms of enforcing my will. I spent months at the club getting dominated, sometimes because of a lack of technique in comparison to my opponent, but often I think it was because of a lack of aggression, so I would spend the whole time defending attacks instead of initiating some of my own.
It has resulted in me developing some defense to some moves which is useful but now I’m rounding it out by going for my gameplan more often and I’m finding that what people said would happen is happening; as soon as I switch to attack mode it becomes much easier because it mentally affects my opponent, when they are focusing on defense it makes everything easier for me.
It’s really obvious and I think it’s a realisation that happens to everyone, and now I’ve had it too. Awesome!