Klaus Burton



I’m still training regularly, though I have yet to get back into the wrestling and striking aspects this year. I will look to start them again at Lockdown MMA soon but it’s about finding a balance that my body can handle.
Last year my training ebbed and flowed because my body couldn’t keep up with my motivation. I have so much motivation that I want to train all the time, so I would do that but always got injured, then I had to take time off for the injury, and it was a cycle that happened over and over. So this year I unfortunately have to be smarter if I want to avoid having periods of time off; it is better to train just 3 times per week and have that be sustainable rather than 5 times a week but with weeks off to heal up.
So at the moment I’m aiming for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday trainings, which are all jiu jitsu, but I miss striking and wrestling which are really fun and useful so I have to keep working at getting the balance right, and I hope that after doing 3 days a week for a while my body will get used to it so I can increase to 4, then after a while 5, etc.

So I guess if there’s a lesson there for anyone else it’s to try not to rush into it. I know it’s hard not to do it all the time since it’s fun and addictive, but look at the long-term results of that.