Klaus Burton


Massive weekend

Last weekend my fiance and I traveled to Auckland for some things; we got a new car, saw some family, and went to the New Zealand trials for the Abu Dhabi World champs to support our teammates Patrick Te Tau, Amy Barratt-Boyes and James Sullivan.
We had an awesome time and they got a bunch of medals.
It was really inspiring for me and I’m setting myself the goal of competing in next year’s trials, so time for some hard training to prepare! A year feels like a short time to prepare in a sport that involves so much learning and memory but I feel potential within myself and I will try my best to keep believing that and put in the hard work.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Clark Gracie seminar, who recently took silver at the Nogi Worlds, so that will be amazing. It’s a 3 hour seminar split into gi and nogi for 1.5 hours each.

Here’s a video I took of Amy winning by armbar: