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Grappling comp

Last Saturday I went to a grappling competition in Palmerston North to support my teammates who were competing. We had a great turnout and it was really inspiring for me. I had originally planned to compete but with the staph infection and flu in the month before the event, I had only had 2 training […]

Fallon Fox

There’s big controversy about whether to let Fallon Fox, a post-op transgender woman, fight in MMA competitions as a woman. Opponents of this usually cite musculature and bone-density as reasons to make her compete as a man. At first that seems like a good point, it’s unfair to let people fight when one of them […]

Some personal breakthroughs

I’ve been training regularly lately, finally having a long injury-free period so I’m making full use of it! I’m doing 7am classes as well as the ones starting at 6:30pm. I’ve got my friend Duncan Stuart coming along to the night classes too which is really fun and he seems to be a natural with […]


I’m still training regularly, though I have yet to get back into the wrestling and striking aspects this year. I will look to start them again at Lockdown MMA soon but it’s about finding a balance that my body can handle. Last year my training ebbed and flowed because my body couldn’t keep up with […]

Back at it

I’ve spent the last few weeks on a forced break from training because of a knee injury but I went in last night and it seems good. Last night we did a bunch of gi chokes which seemed pretty effective, must have looked pretty funny afterwards when we all walked out with swollen red necks! […]

The journey of an MMA noob, weeks six & seven

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started staying for the second hour of jiu jitsu, the “advanced” class, which is just free rolling instead of taking instruction. I have yet to get any submissions but can notice my defense improving each time. As always, the people are really helpful and have great attitudes. We […]

Wolverine learned heel-hooks

Nice resemblance

The journey of an MMA noob, week five

This was the first week back after the Christmas holidays and I thought it would be hard to get back into it since I didn’t do much exercise during the break, but to my surprise my cardio has actually improved. I guess it’s the momentum created before the holiday still paying off. My lungs held […]

Technical tips – Baseball bat choke

In jiu jitsu class yesterday we drilled this choke with gi but it can also be done without gi. In these technical tips posts I’m not explaining the move, just writing down the little details that I found helpful in getting it. If you don’t know what the choke looks like, check out this video: […]

Technical tips – Single leg takedown

I’ve started writing down the things I learn onto my computer and thought I might as well put them up here, too. Please note that this is coming straight from my trainers, so while I’m still a noob and can’t do most of this stuff very well, this is what the pros have told me. […]

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